We strive for improved cancer care in Ethiopia!

Cancer care Ethiopia is a non-profit organization determined to help the poor cancer patients in Ethiopia that couldn’t afford to treat their illnesses well. Cancer care Ethiopia is directed by two boards, one in Norway and another working in Ethiopia under the founder Mr. Grom G. Moges.

Grom Getachew Moges, a Norwegian-Ethiopian, lived many years in Norway. He works as an engineer at a ferry company called Norled in Stavanger. In 2004, he was diagnosed with cancer. The disease was in a severe condition and harsh treatments at Stavanger University Hospital followed. Lying in intensive care unit, he got an opportunity to reflect on his life and measure his journey.

He said to himself, ”So far I’ve only been preoccupied with making money to make life better for me and my family. If God gives me a second chance and I recover from this severe disease, I will do something for someone else other than me or my family. I will help cancer patients in Ethiopia, my birth country”. An idea born in a hospital!

He did recover, and was very grateful for the excellent treatment he had received in Norway. With five Norwegian good and initiative friends in Stavanger, Moges and his wife founded Cancer Care Ethiopia in 2007.

The organization took as its purpose and vision to take care of children and poor women cancer patients in the Ethiopia, who has no means of accommodation during their stay in Addis Ababa, the capital city where there is the only hospital with a cancer ward in the entire country.

After legal registration of the organization both in Norway and in Ethiopia, the first cancer home in Addis Ababa got opened on 14th of November, 2009.

  • Provide quality and standardized system of cancer care in Ethiopia to poor cancer patients by providing comfortable accommodation
  • Providing quality and a standardized system of cancer care in Ethiopia and help patients get appropriate treatment.
  • Make cancer patients’ more comfortable and help them towards recovery
  • Public cancer and it’s treatment possibilities awareness creation
  • Create conductive conditions for prevention, early detection, treatment and palliative care on cancer and
  • Providing day care support
  • Address cancer and cancer related problems in Ethiopia

  • Improved cancer care services in Ethiopia
  • Raised awareness of cancer, its prevention and treatment possibilities
  • Compassionate care given to cancer patients in Ethiopia
  • Increased number of supported Cancer patients who don’t have the means to better treatment
  • Establishing best cancer care and research center in Ethiopia

Meet our Staff and Volunteers

Board Members in Ethiopia

  • Dr. Bogale Solomon
  • Dr. Mengistu Kifle
  • Dr. Aster Tsegaye
  • Mr. Tibebu Getachew
  • Dr. Mulugeta Kassahun
  • Mrs. Tizita yifru
  • Mrs. Kidist Tekle
  • Mrs Tsehay Ataklti

Board Members in Norway

  • Gunhild Torgersen
  • Tsigereda Asfaw
  • Svein Kirkengen
  • Sosina Asrat
  • Fikre Zeleke
  • Grom G. Moges